2013 Robot

The 2013 robot

This time, the robot plays to Ultimate Frisbee. To score points, the robots launch discs in the goals placed at each end of the field or in the goal at the top of the pyramid. The points are given in the following fashion: 3 points for the highest goal, 2 points for the middle goal, 1 point for the lowest goal and 5 points for the goal on the top of the pyramid. Moreover, if the frisbees score during the autonomous period, points are doubled. The field is seperated in two halves and in each half, there is a pyramid with three levels. Near the end of the match, at 30 seconds, a robot can climb the pyramid. The higher you climb, the greater your point total! 10 points are given for the first level, 20 points for the second and 30 points for the the highest and final level. For a more detailed description, see the official video reveal.

You can view our team’s more detailed results on The Blue Alliance.